About Leaps and Bounds


We are Leaps and Bounds

Leaps and Bounds Partners was incorporated in 2007 as a Limited Liability Company in Nigeria. As a firm, we are set-up to provide exceptional consulting solutions in the areas of Human Capital Development, Business Advisory and Research. Highlights of programs we facilitate include financial accounting, financial statement analysis, basic and intermediate credit, effective customer service, budgeting/financial management, personal development, capital market operations, Sales & Marketing, business valuation and leadership, basic treasury management, personal financial management etc. We deliver ‘best-in-class’ learning and development solutions in the financial and soft skills knowledge areas.

The hallmark of our Human Capital Development practice is a fusion of theory and practice whilst at the same time leading our learners to discover opportunities for positive change. Our forte in business advisory lies in the quality of our human resources. We strive to acquire a compact and in-depth understanding of the ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ facets of our clients’ business to enable us identify ways to effectively partner with them. We are very mindful of the fact that we can change lives through our various offerings; we consider this our Ministry.